Moroccan Cement Pattern Black Light Blue & Pink Tan – 216

Assembled in 12″ x 12″ interlocking units or to size || Thickness is 5/8

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Made possible by exploring innovative molded plywood techniques, Iskos-Berlin’s Soft Edge Chair blends strong curves with extreme lightness to create a three-dimensionality not usually possible with 2-D plywood.

Dimensions 4 × 4 cm


A variety of captivating geometric and Moroccan patterns in an eye-catching blend of black, white and grey and the pink and blue hues, these tiles are commonly found in the old houses of Moroccan. Hand made with Moorish inspiration, Complement your home with a touch of the Moorish flair which these beauties bring .they are durable and suitable for all kind of uses on floor areas throughout the home.


  • High-quality cement tiles for wall and floor tiling.
  • Glazed cement floor tile with a matte or glossy finish and substantial designs & colors.
  • suitable for residential floors including kitchens, bathroom, bedroom, fireplace, backsplash, garden,
  • halls, corridors, balconies, terraces, and other areas used as footwear indoors and outdoors in wet and dry areas.
  • High durability & water resistance.